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Friday, August 21, 2015

Inside Out

Sorry for being away for so long, can't believe it's been a month since I last wrote something here :-/  Been busy!! Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I went to watch the new Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out.  I didn't manage to write something about it yesterday as I was busy with a performance.  I admit, this movie is definitely among those movies that I look forward to this year.  The downside of watching this in the afternoon was the fact that the hall will be filled with annoying noisy kids.  I understand that the target audience for this movie is for kids, but I really do wish they will just shut up as the movie is playing.

Before Inside Out, there's a short movie called Lava.  About volcano mountain wishing and waiting for love.  In a way, it doesn't make any sense, but I don't think it's suppose to make sense.  Despite it not making any sense, I do find the story sweet and cute.  Plus, I think the song that they sang in that short film is pretty cute as well.  After Lava, came the movie we all paid for, Inside Out.  Now, coming into the hall, I knew this movie must be pretty straightforward, and the plot will be pretty simple because it is for kids after all.  So, I walked in there mainly to feel entertain by other elements of the movie.  The movie is nice, wasn't mind blowing because as I said earlier, it's for kids, so the plot is pretty straightforward.  However, there are some really good values in this movie and there are some touching and sad moments towards the end.  I guess the emotions within that girl named Riley, they grew up with her, so they know just as much as she does and they are learning about life together with her.  So, being a kid, it's all about Joy, the emotion that brings happiness...so it's her aim to always make her happy.  When Riley reaches a point in her life where she needs to be allowed to feel sad or angry in order to maintain that happiness, Joy kind of unable to accept that and wants to take control of everything, thus getting her in a big mess, which set up the whole story.  I guess it's a learning experience, emotionally, to understand that something that used to be a happy memory can become a sad memory, and it's important to understand...that it's okay to be sad.  In order to understand happiness, we need to experience sadness as well.  One can't exist without the other.  So, I guess that is one of the values that I relate to the most from this movie.  We all have emotions, so I'm sure one way or another, all of us can find something in this movie to relate to.  

Also, the humour from Inside Out is also pretty relatable.  It can make you go "Ah, so that's why that happen..." and just gives you some good laughs.  I know I had some laughs as well and from now on, when a stupid song got stuck in my head, I will think of Inside Out and probably start laughing too.  The graphic of this movie, well, what  can I say, it's Pixar after all.  This is their stuff, it will be a shock if they make a movie with bad graphic, unless, it's intentionally done as part of the movie of course.  But the graphic is great, love the colours, the attention to detail.  In terms of the music, however, I don't have much to say, felt like it's so-so, not bad but at the same time not great.  It fits the movie, it supports the movie, which is great...but nothing like Up or Toy Story or anything.  In other words, the scoring is not the best from Disney Pixar films.

Will I recommend this movie?  Of course, it's simple and entertaining for all ages.  Will it blew your mind away?  No.  For kids, maybe, but for adults...not really.  But still, it's a good movie that I'm sure everyone can relate to.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 7 ^_^

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So, today I went to watch this movie.  I usually like to watch movie on the release day, but since I was celebrating Eid Mubarak with family, so I had to postpone the desire to go to the cinema.  Before I watch this movie, I heard some good reviews from people, but I try not to keep my expectation too high because I notice all Marvel movies have the same concept in the plot.  I think pretty much all superheroes movies are like that.  Anyway, I went to the cinema, watched it, and I must say...it's pretty good.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  At least they don't destroy the whole city in order to save it, so that's different.  Don't get me wrong, there are still some destroying going on throughout, but...in a different way.  I like the relation from this movie to other Marvel movies mainly The Avengers and Captain America.  I like the humour as well, it's pretty funny.  In short, it's pretty simple...the storyline is straightforward, it's not too elaborated.  Which works well because making it too complicated will just make the movie either too draggy or become too much to handle.  

Scoring wise, I think it's pretty standard with pretty much other Marvel movies.  It has the same energy, which kind of make sense because all the movies are kind of related to each other, so having the scoring similar keeps the relation between the movies stronger.  I also like the intention of Scott Lang in becoming the Ant-Man for his daughter, at least it gives different values to the general feel of the movie, because it gives you different perspectives or priorities on why he took the job as Ant-Man.  I see it, as rather than doing what's right for the world, he just does it because it's what's right for his daughter.  Which is nice, makes it more personal and not too heroic.  A nice touch, no?

Anyway, it's an enjoyable experience.  I wasn't completely blown-away because like I said earlier, Marvel movies are pretty similar.  The reason I follow it is because I want to understand the whole Marvel world.  It's like a bigger scale of TV series.  You have to watch all the episodes to make more sense of what's coming next.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie very much.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 7.5.  I don't know how I come up with the .5 rate but that's just how I feel it should be.  Hahahahaha.  Oh, one more thing, if you haven't watch this movie and are planning to watch it soon, there's two end-credit scene, so you will have to wait until the whole credit ends before you get to see the second end-credit scene.  It shows you about something that will lead into Captain America 3.  

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