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Friday, May 15, 2015

Age of Adaline

After watching Pitch Perfect 2 yesterday, I watched Age of Adaline.  I was definitely interested to watch the movie after seeing the trailer.  I was curious and needed to know how the story starts and unfold.  Well, I definitely like the movie a lot.  Blake Lively is just beautiful in this movie, also, I love how she gives the character Adaline the right personality and energy, as well as style of talking.  Adaline is a woman who does not age, so, even with her youthful look, Blake Lively manage to bring out the old age of the soul within the not-aging body.  The way she talk, the way she carries herself, it really does shows her wisdom.  So, bravo to Blake Lively and her wonderful performance.  The plot itself, even though I was kind of able to predict what will happen next, but I still like the way it unfolds and how all the character developed.  There are moments when I cried, mainly because I felt sorry for Adaline.  All this while people don't want to age, and wants to stay young forever, but it's not fun when you're the only one that stays young, right?  Not fun to watch your own daughter grow old and looks like your grandmother.  It's not like she's a vampire where she can immortalize other people as well.  She was alone and she didn't even know why she's the only one with that condition.  I guess, when that become the case, it's not so fun to stay young forever.  The scoring as well, I think it fits the movie like a glove.  Good job to Rob Simonsen for scoring the film.

Will I recommend this movie?  Most definitely.  This probably comes very close to The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game.  All of these movies have a few things in common, great music, great plot, and great performance by the cast.  I'm not sure if this movie is for everyone, but it is definitely for me :)  If I am to rate this movie  from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give this movie an 8 ^_^

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Pitch Perfect 2

I had a movie marathon session yesterday at the cinema, and this will be the first review out of two movies that I watched yesterday.  I watched Pitch Perfect 2, and I have to confess that I know I've seen the first movie before but I completely forgot what it was about.  I went to watch the sequel anyway because I heard Pentatonix will be featured in this, and I always like to watch Pentatonix-style acapella group perform.  I must say, apart from all the cool arrangements of all the acapella groups, I wasn't really impress by the movie.  Some of the humours were funny, and others just pretty lame, or felt like trying too hard to be funny but failed miserably.  OR, maybe it's just not my kind of humour.  Even the plot, I didn't see anything special with it, sometimes felt like I'm watching a college version High School Musical or something.  Honestly, I don't even have much to say because it really didn't give me anything.  All I can say is that whoever did the arrangements for all the songs that they sing, a very good job to you and your team.  It was very nice to see some creative arrangements for acapella group.  Other than that, I think this movie got nothing special to me.  Lack of creativity in the plot, but very creative arrangement *thumbs up*

If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give the movie a 5, mainly because of all the song arrangements.  Will I recommend it?  Well, up to you, if this is your kind of movie, then go for it ^_^

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