Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sad, Scary Moments

Today is kinda a shocking day. My cat died. I don't even know why. I noticed that she didn't eat her dinner yesterday, but I thought it was normal because she always a bit shy and eat a little later. But today, she didn't eat her breakfast too because that is not like her not to chase after her breakfast. But then, I thought it was nothing so I just left her in her cage and fed the other cats. But after I cleaned the cats' cages, I noticed she just sat there and like gasping for air. It really got me worried so I took her and put her inside the house because I thought it was because of the hot weather. I put her in the kitchen and I turned on the fan and went out again to finish cleaning the cages. After that, I went back inside and she just got worse and still gasping for air and she's making noises. It really scares me, because I was alone at home. No one else is home but me. I don't know what to do because I never been in this kind of situation before. So, I decided to take her to the vet...and fast!!! So, I went to the bathroom and changed my PJ to something else and I'm all set to take her to the vet. Before I changed my clothes, I checked on her and she was alive...still gasping. But after I changed my clothes, I noticed that she's not moving anymore...just lying on the floor. It just really scare the hell out of me. I don't know what to do. I mean, I never burried an adult cat before. I burried a dead bird that my cat killed, some kittens...but not adult cat! It's like the size of a little baby. Which just lead to another reason why it's hard for me to burried it. It took me almost one hour just to get her in the plastic bag. At first I just scared to get close to her because her eyes were open. So, I just took a newspaper and put it on top of her to cover her body. But then, it just lead to another problem...when I can't see her anymore my mind just can't stop thinking that there's a baby under that thing. Everytime I held her to pick her up I just put it back because it just so hard for me to get it done. Then, I have to find a place to burried her...scary. It just remind me of those thriller movies when they tried to burried dead body. lol. It was very tiring to dig a deep hole for this cat. It just sad because I love her. She's the most beautiful cat in my house, she has a grey fur and it looked like she's wearing white socks. Her fur was beautiful and she had a very gorgeous eyes. I'm gonna miss her...

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