Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Do I Think of Life


Life? I often hear people said their lives are boring, horrible, exciting, happy and much more. I admit, I do sometime think my life is not as interesting as I hope for. But then, in conclusion...I prefer to think life are more likely the same as a colouring book. I believe some say life is like a candle, some say life is like a roadtrip. And I think life is similar to a colouring book. There's pictures without any colour in every pages of a colouring book and it is up to each of us to colour it. You can prefer not to colour it and it will be blank and you may leave it that way. Same with your life,you can prefer not to do anything with it and just live it the way it was. And when we decide to colour it, we often faced with the dificulties to choose the right colour. Same with life, we have to make certain desicions in life. And if we chose the wrong colour, the picture won't be so nice, right? But it doesn't mean we will make the same mistake when we want to start colouring the next picture on the next page. From here I believe you already know that when we choose something that is not right, it doesn't mean we will repeat the same mistake in the future. And as we go on colouring the book, maybe we will ruin some pictures with the terrible colours and we might have some pages that really beautiful and make us really remember every single colour that we put in it, and the colours we chose sometime we and other people will enjoy and like it, and some colours might not be the favourite of others but it is a favourite to us. And when we coloured all the pages...we completed the colouring book. Which is the symbol of life, there are some moments in life that we wish there will be a time machine in front of us so we could undo those that were already done. There is a time that people can be proud of our desicions and there are times when people think we made the wrong desicions, but it doesn't mean we will think it's wrong. And there are some moments that we felt like we're the luckiest and the happiest person in the universe. And we will reach one level in life where it will be completed and it is time for us to close our book and let other colouring books have their chances to live. Which mean, there's a time when we will have to leave the world and let the next generations experience what we had experience before. Interesting isn't it? I never thought I could compare something so valueable with a colouring book. lol

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