Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't People Know How To Respect Each Other Anymore?

Don't people know how to respect each other anymore these days? I had heard so much about things which will not occurred if people just respect each other. I've heard about the YouTube thing where there's a Malaysian-Chinese turned Malaysian Anthem song, Negaraku to rap song and insulting Malays and Islam. It just a stupid thing to do. I read in Yahoo! News that he did that as a 'gift' to Malaysia's 50th Independence day which will be on August 31st. I think that is really silly, how can that be a 'gift' if it offended lots of people? Especially Malays and Muslims. If he loves Malaysia, he will not make fun of Negaraku, if he didn't mean to offend anybody, he will not do such thing. Honestly, I'm a Malay and a Muslim, I believe that will be his opinion about us(Malays and Muslims). But please keep it to himself, I know probably there is some truth in it but do not make fun of someone's religion. Everybody have their own beliefs. I have my own opinions about people going to temples, churches and some religious celebrations. But I keep it to myself, because I know how to respect other people. And it's funny because not so many people know how to do that anymore. If you put aside your wealth, your status, your education, your religion and everything will see that all of us are nothing but humans. We are the same and we must know that we sometime experience the same thing is life...maybe in a different situation, but almost the same meaning. People make mistakes, it's because nobody is perfect. And we must learn to respect each other, and maybe in that way, we can finally have some peace in our lives.

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