Sunday, September 02, 2007

It feels great when one of your favourite books will be turn into a movie...

Two of my most favourite books of all time are the Charlie Bone series and The Chronicles of Spiderwick series. And the Spiderwick series will come out as a movie in 2008. When the first time I heard of this news, which was from my #1 fav. magazine, Galaxie. I was surprised and excited at the same time. It never happen to me before. I can't believe Chronicles of fav. book, will become a movie. I just can't wait for 2008 to arrive. There are 5 books for this story, Spiderwick. But the story for each book is quite short, I can finish one book in just one night. But even though it is short, it is full of excitement and journey in that one small book. I bet all 5 books can be fit into one movie, because the story line is basically much simpler and less complicated than books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but at the same level in storyline (For my opinion, of course). It is a fantasy story, the type of story I have my interest on. It is about a boy named Jared, with his twin brother, Simon and also his sister, Mallory on a journey of magical adventure that occurred right after Jared found a book called Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. That book explained things about magical creatures such as the elves, ogres, dwarves, goblins and some other faeries. And there also an evil, powerful ogre named Mulgarath that wants to take the book for himself and use it to create the darkness era to the world. So, it is up to Jared, Simon and Mallory to figure out how to stop him. Well, I can't spoil the fun and tell you how it will end. So, you better watch it once it come out!!! It is a great story. I know I will enjoy watching it. =)

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