Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lots of things to practice.....and study!!!

Well, I kinda need lots of practice right now.
I need to practice my songs for class with Maya, Partita 1 - Allemanda, and Havanaise/Habanera by Camille Saint-saens.
And this orchestra song...1812. I like listening to it...but no playing it. lolx.
And this song called ALFA composed by Aliff. Well, it wasn't that difficult but kinda confusing when you played it with the soloist, which is Saufi. I'm playing 1st violin, Aliff playing 2nd violin, Abg Jono playing the viola and I think...Abg Ariff will play the double-bass.
I also need to practice for Jannah's forum. She asked me to help her for her 'Unfaithful' song. She wants me to play the violin (since I don't need any notes to play that song) and Girl will be the singer. But I need to listen to the song over and over to get the string part in that song. =S
I also need to practice my electone organ. Having my diploma exam this November.
Also need to study my history, I love music history, but I hate form 5's history. lolx.
Also, waiting for my theory grade 8 result, hope I can pass with flying colours.
Oh yeah, Abg Syafiq also asked me to play violin for his showcase. And I forgot when is the showcase... =p

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