Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not So Busy Day...

Well, it's not a busy day. Kinda relaxing.
Went out at 1230, I drove to Pustaka Rawang to photostate the piano part of Saint-Saens, Habanera, and also Azam's book of all the Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
Then, went to Mayya's house for my violin lesson. Played my Partita 1, but not ready to play the Habanera just yet...lolx.
Then, went to IB, for orchestra practice...but very VERY few people came, coz it's PMR season.
So, when Mr.Ota came, he canceled the practice...since there were very few people.
And because of's not a busy day.
I drove back home...pick up the book I sent for photocopy.
Then, went home....

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