Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nothing Much Happen Today

Nothing much happen today. So, I just write something while waiting for maghrib.
Let see, I have had my organ lesson. Not so improvisation still suxx!!
Later I went to Dominic's shop to get my bow repaired. Well...need to leave it there, and I also left my Tigger(the name of my violin) there for some service(s).
I even brought home a bow for a 'test drive'. I borrowed it from Dominic, and will return it next week. If I like it...I might buy it. But not sure the price. It's a German bow. Better than my own
I am starting to miss my Tigger...and my bow...I should name my bow too. lol...
I also bought a new rosin...Jade...that's the brand.

I love collecting cute animal pictures nowadays. Probably since Mayya showed pictures of cute kittens in her computer during my violin lesson.
The kitten is very cute.

How about puppies? I love them, even though I can't touch it...I still love 'em.

What about rabbits? They're cute too. But I saw this picture of a really HUGE rabbit. I'm not kidding. Here's a picture of it...

Well...I believe all animals are cute. Even wild animals!!!!!

Cute.... =)

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