Wednesday, October 10, 2007

=)'s been an okay week. Actually, about...5% better than okay. lol. Yesterday, went to Steamboat(at Plaza Alam Sentral) with Amero, Sabrina, Hidayah and Aiman. We break our fast there. It was great, not just the meal...the laugh we had at that time. =)

Today, I went to 1U, to buy new clothes for Hari Raya(yay!!). I bought a new Levi's Jeans, and another 4 new clothes. 1 shirt at Somerset Bay, 2 shirts at Romp, and another 1 at Jusco. I think the total for the whole thing is.....rm400++. I think it's okay coz I know there'll be people spends more than I do for their clothes. Now, I just want to clean my room...practice more on organ and violin...and study for final exam!!! And...yeah, meet up with old friends during this Raya.

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