Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm not so sure anymore...

I used to feel proud to be a Malaysian because Malaysia is a country of many different races, religions and cultures living under one roof...peacefully. But now...after a few incidents...I'm not really quite sure if Malaysia is that sort of country anymore.

I went to YouTube just now, I saw a video of Negaraku a few months ago(not the one that got a lot of attention...this is different). That video just played Negaraku songs and the editor of the video add some pictures of terrorism and all the bad things happened in if Malaysia is a really bad country. So, I sent a comment to the video saying that it is important to respect each other and nobody is perfect. But a few hours ago, someone replied to my comment. He/she said that Malays are one lazy race like a pig and I have no idea what I'm talking about. This person also said that without his/her race...Malaysia will be nothing. I think Malaysians will know pretty well which race this dude belongs to. Well, he's not the only one thinks that way, almost all people in the same race that post comments to that video said the same thing.

I know they are proud of their race...but I never thought they are sooooo proud...until they don't know how to respect others. I believe not everybody is like that....but it is very hard for me to believe which one is the majority......and which one is the's pathethic....and sad.

If only Malaysians know how to respect each other....if only Malaysians won't be racist towards each other......Malaysia will definitely be a better place.....I think the WORLD will be a better place if everybody knows how to respect.

I'm just bored of this....I wonder how many people are wise enough to actually understand the meaning of 'respect' in every single way...if I can do it, why can't those people that think they're great do it better than me? Maybe they're great in being a loser...I;m not insulting, just expressing the truth...truth can be hurtful sometimes...

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