Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well...there goes Raya for me. lolx. I'm done with it, finish visiting people.
Now, must get back to my music already.
Lots of thing happened during raya, and I haven't count my duit raya yet, I prefer not to.
Another thing, I found out that Kudin(my cousin) will appeared in a movie!! The movie is out somewhere in this month. I nvr thought he could act. lol...
Habis la kau Kudin, dh la handsome...lolx
Here's some pictures on the 1st day of Raya...

That's me, back at home...

Me and family...and the rest of it with my my aunt's house...or in other word, rumah Kudin...lolx!! Joking...maklumlah, cousin is an actor already...haha

Now, since Raya is over for me...I need to practice my violin, I need to perform next semester, as a welcoming show to the new students(juniors).
En. Adee just informed me a few weeks ago, so I need an easy song so I cn do it well.
Next semester is either mid-December, or early, no time to practice if I want to do some really challenging song.
So, I asked Mayya to give one song that she think I can manage before December.
So, she gave me Beethoven - Violin Romance, op.50.
Slow song!! arrghh...I don't really like slow song coz your intonation must be perfect!! Which is my weakness. But I think it's okay, not as hard as Saint-Saens' Havanaise. lol.
If you never heard of the song, here's a sample...

And I also need to practice my electone organ...exam is coming. Next month!! Huhu...wish me luck. =S

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