Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am super bored today. So, I practice my violin...I'm not sure how many hours. But pretty long.
It was a hot day, I can't stand my hair, so I pull it up. But the front side of the hair fall out from the clip. This is the pic of it. Ignore the extremely messy room. lol

After that the day goes by pretty plain.
I'm plannin to take DipABRSM next year. We'll see how it goes coz Maya's contract will end in June 2008. She fears that she can't teach me in time. Which the reason I..well my mom, called Gosia for back-up. She said she's okay with it as long as Maya gives permission for her to teach me. (oh, Gosia told my mom, and my mom told me, that Maryam will have class with her on Dec 1st, good luck!!) mom always do the calling stuff. lol
I hate talking on the's weird to talk to someone without them in front of you.
You never know if there's someone eavesdropping to your conversation.
But on special occasions, I prefer to call than talk face-to-face.

What know the new movie, Enchanted. It looks very interesting.
I hope I can watch it at the cinema. I really do hope so...
Oooh, just now there's Juara choose the finalist...whatever I don't know what the actual name...but the category was 'pop rock'.
I'm not talking about the show, I saw someone from the audience sit.
Mustaqim (Abg Mus) and Amero. lol, kinda funny to see them in TV as the audience.
And the camera loved them, they kept focusing on both of them. lol

Well, that's it. Bye!


mae azman said...

yeah, this saturday.
ready to go kababoommmm

Wani said...

let me know how it goes