Thursday, November 15, 2007

haa...finally the internet it back. I've been away for a few days coz; a) I've been busy and b) no internet connection.

I was planning on writing lots of stuff...but I don't really remember it now. lol

Well, on Nov 12th, I had a show at PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center). Kinda boring coz the orchestra need to stay after the show and listened to the 'bloody as hell' boring speeches and some 'penyampaian sijil'. boring!! but the show was okay, it went well.

I returned my key(of my hostel room) a few days back, and...surprise, surprise, I got hostel for next semester. Cool...coz I didn't go to any of the activities that required to get you a room next semester, so, I considered myself lucky.

What else....owh yeah, I wanna cut my hair...the lenght of my hair right now which 'you-can't-stand-it-but-yet-you-can't-tie-it-up' lenght is getting on my nerve!! Well...I'll cut it if I have the time.

I just remember, during my 1st semester in the faculty of music, I encountered with some new 'nicknames'...not many...just a few, here are some that I know...
1. the 'virtuoso'....*yeah, right....not even close to even be one!!*
2. the 'no insurance' mouth girl...lolx....i tend not to hold my tongue sometimes. hihi....kinda funny.
3. scary....well....everytime I practice my violin, I don't really give a damn about my hair...and people always find it creepy coz my hair was covering half of my face.
4. prof. snape's hairstyle.....oh-kay....this is probably one other reason why I want to get my haircut...a.s.a.p!! lol...though...I kinda like Snape's haircut. kinda bouncy and healthy.
5. seniors call me this a lot....I don't know why...and I don't think I want to.

Well...that's it really....bye!!

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