Saturday, November 24, 2007

2day is another boring day. I thought holiday will be fun...but I just can't wait to start the new semester. But then...something hold me back from thinking that way, I'm still not fully prepared for the 'Welcoming Show'. Of course, unless Mr. Adee cancel my name when I'm all prepared to perform. ( I will be so mad+frustrated if that happen )

Anyway, today...sad thing happen. Kak Zaleelah's mom passed away. My deepest condolence to the family. Kinda sad, I watched Elizabethtown a few times at HBO, Astro. And there's a line where this guy said "Death and life, Life and death....right next door to each other just a thin hair that separate them from each other..." Kinda true and death...there is nothing in between these two. When you reach the border, and it's time for you to cross the will cross the border. Of course, every body has a different length, some might have a long life and others might have otherwise.

Well...kinda scary when you think about it. Not about death....about the after life. =S
Very scary indeed...

Well, that's all. Bye


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yup, aku gi visit them kat rumah diorg that day too.