Monday, November 05, 2007

I practiced my violin....I don't really know how long, I didn't count the time. But I think it's pretty long. I practiced the Beethoven Romance song. I practice the first 'big' phrase of that song for more than an hour. And there's four (I think) big phrases in the first, I don't really know how long. But not really four or five hours...lolx.
I really want to get this song right for the welcoming show next semester. I checked the intonation, since I'm playing slow song, and it's very important to get the intonation almost 100% perfect. I even checked the intonation for the little ornaments. Then come to the sound projection, it is not easy to get the B-E-A-U-TY-ful sound. haha...Mayya still hasn't heard me playing this song. I haven't been for violin lesson for FOUR weeks!!! She's been busy. Well, since I'm at the end of the semester, perhaps I can asked for lessons during the weekdays.
Well, I will have my last paper tomorrow!!! Me and Aiman planned to have lunch at Steamboat later. Can't wait, then I will go to hostel and do the packing stuff....because it's the end of semester!!!
And then....there's convocation. I'm involve....for the show. I don't feel like joining because I want to concentrate on my electone exam. I'll think about it, though. mom starts to babble again. ( -_-') better log off now. Can't even have one hour in front of the I'm 8 year-old or something.......Bye.....

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