Monday, November 26, 2007

I went to ABRSM website just now. I check the DipABRSM syllabus. Gotta do more than just playing. There some paperwork a.k.a assignment to be done about the repertoire that going to be perform in front of the examiners. And for the Viva Voce part, you must discuss it with the examiner about what you write. And it is best to do it as detail as possible in case the examiner prefer detail information. -_-'
Very lazy to do that...haihz...
I'm still wondering when my exam result will come out...some say Dec 10th..huhu...scary!!
Somewhere in next month...I will also go back to hostel. Me, Jannah, Illi and Aiman planning to be roommates. p/s:Aiman is not a boy, Aiman is a she. And she's a great pianist.

I changed my blog layout again. lol
Trying to find a new look...I don't like the brown one...and kinda bored with the black. So mysterious, enough with me being mysterious(though I don't think I'm that mysterious)...I want some happy look but not with bright colours. So, this what happen. lol

that's all.


mae azman said...

roommate boley choose?

Wani said...

yeah. once moved into kolej tetap la. coz your semester x tau r camner, tp aku dulu...duduk kolej sementara dulu utk minggu MMS and bile dh habis minggu MMS baru register into kolej tetap and boleh pilih roommates.