Sunday, November 18, 2007

{My Weekends}

November 17, 2007. Saturday

I had my violin lesson with Maya. My class supposed to start at 1400, but Maya was teaching another student until 1430. :'(
Later is orchestra practice, as usual at 1500. And also as usual...not so many people came. We got new song, Unfinished Symphony by Schubert. A very beautiful piece indeed. I played that song before, with UiTM orchestra.
After practice, I went back home. Practice my organ...and the rest of the day was normal.

November 18, 2007. Sunday

I had my organ lesson with Mr. Kenny at Yamaha Music Center. My class starts at 1345...and on time. He tested me for my exam this Tuesday. Like the real exam. I played one of the JOC (Junior Original Course) song, which was A Path. And one of the selective choices of songs which was Final Distance. Later, he tested me on my sight-reading. It just happens that he chose quite hard for me. Finally, came to the section I hate most...Improvisation and Motif. give you one passage of song with single line(no left hand & pedal), with chords on top of each bars. Then, you play it as written the first time, then do some melody changing on the 2nd time and some melody chords on the 3rd time. And you must play it in the style that the question required (swing, 8beat, march, waltz etc.) and you must create intro for the passage before you start. They only give you the passage like 10 minutes in advanced together with the motif. After that is the, they give you 2 or 4 bars...and out of must create a song. So, you must memorize the chords progression.
Then...after finish it all....I got 73/100. =( Argh!!! that's not good enough the passing mark is 75/100. hard to pass, meh? If SPM...73 is A2 already!!

Wish me luck for the exam....


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unfinished symphony time bengkel ib pown pernah kn

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