Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November 7th, 2007

I woke up early today, coz I need to go to Istana Budaya for orchestra practice(NSO) for a show on November 12th(monday). I played in 1st violin....weird, I usually play in 2nd.....but maybe because I'm sitting next to En.Azlan. It's weird to have your violin lecturer and you 'real' violin teacher in the same orchestra. Make me feel awkward. lol
The practice finish at 1230, then at 1300 I had a lesson with Mayya. Finally, after 4 weeks of no class.
Then, I went home, but Rawang jammed more than usual coz Deepavali is tomorrow. And there are lots of Indian shops in the middle of Rawang. So...kinda bad for the drivers.
After I got home, I just go online....until now.
I won't be playing for convocation, I sort of....don't want to....coz want to concentrate on electone exam. Which just remind me....those people still haven't call me about the problem on their exam schedule. (my name is not in it, and I paid the fee before the registration closed!).

I guess that's it then......bye!!

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