Sunday, November 04, 2007

One Stressful Week

I don't know, I have had my stressful weeks....this is one of the worst. Because of today. I can mark today as one of the stressful day in my life, and I am actually aware of it. ( -_- ' )
I drove to my organ class today, class starts at 1345, but I reached there at 1400. The reason is...there was a stupid traffic jam. A lorry with a flat tyre, in the middle of the in, one lane road. *haihz...* I don't care if that fuller want to have a flat tyre...but please, don't drag other drivers into this mess until causing us to share the burden with him. I have better things to do.
Then I reached YAMAHA, had my class, Mr. Kenny said my electone exam will be due on November 20th, but when I check with the clerk, I can't see my name in the schedule for the entire examination period. what the effing is going on? I paid the fee!!
Then I went far so good, until I ended up in traffic jam...again. Wanna know what worse? At the same place as before...only further...and all for what? The SAME cause, a lorry with a flat tyre. It just SO STUPID AND WASTE OF MY PRECIOUS TIME!!!!! I stuck there for more than an hour. It was hot outside, I was hungry as hell, and there were some drivers that driving me nuts!!!!
I reached home....nearly 1600. I was tired+hungry. And I got to listen to my mom babbling for not calling her...and being late too. I was already in a bad mood, and my phone was in my bag, and I am too lazy to even search my bag and call home. I have quite a messy bag.
I finally can eat, but of course, I took a shower later...and I can still hear my mom's babbling mouth. I set up the cats' cage...and have to deal with my sister's bossy attitude that kept on asking me to pick up all the cats and put it in the cage. Her excuse for not doing that? She will feed them. WTF? She always gives lame excuses. But I'm not like her...I just do my job and get it over with...beside...if I fight will lead to the worst day in history of my life....because no one will be on my side.
*sigh...* I end my day today by watching Devil Wears Prada. Not a bad movie. Kinda a good ending for one BAD DAY. Well...I'm off to bed now, Good Night. ( 'o', )

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