Tuesday, November 06, 2007


cool! Finally it ended. When it finished, I stayed for awhile with Aiman...and Zatty wanted to take some pictures. Then we met up with Jannah and Illi...we went to SACC...had our lunch at Nando's. We planned to go to Steamboat...but then we changed our mind and go to SACC instead.

After that, we go play bowling at PAS ( Plaza Alam Sentral). We played 2 rounds. Amero joined us on the 2nd round. I won both rounds!! *yay* I got 77 for the 1st round and 125 for the 2nd round. hehe....

After that, we walked around PAS for awhile, I bought some fruits and waffle...with chocolate and peanut on top. *hmm...yummy* Then, Jannah, Illi, Aiman and Amero planned to have some ABC at that warong in front of the Wet World....but I didn't join them coz I need to pack my things at college. It's already 1630. So, I just dropped Aiman and Amero there (Jannah drove her own car and Illi with her). Then I reached my hostel at 1700. I was worried that I can't finish packing before 1800. But guess what, I'm already in the car and ready to go home at 1740. haha...never thought I could packed and carry all those things to the car all by myself without the help from anybody.

I reached home at 1845...sooner than I thought. lol. Sit for awhile....And I'm writing this blog now.

That's all...glad the semester is over. =)

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