Saturday, November 03, 2007

tired of this...

today, usual, orchestra usual...few people came. it's pathetic. I just wish everybody show up to practice every week. I mean, yeah...we might not be as great as the other orchestra...and yes, we play the same song over and over....but how are we supposed to play other song if nobody show up? We keep end up doing the same thing over and over again every week. Seriously...why are they so lazy to get their ass for practice? Isn't it fun to play together? Why do they only want to show weeks before the show? We're playing classical can't expect to practice classical song in an ensemble in just two weeks. It's ridiculous. How can the orchestra be good if the musicians in! Same people kept showing up. No brass section...only one flute? No viola at ALL...only one cello...only if Alfian comes....this is just pathetic.


mae azman said...

i wanna go, but transportation prob.

1st vlns sape je yg slalu dtg?
maya / ota conduct?

Wani said...

sekarang mr.ota conduct coz maya ada show p.ramlee tu. 1st violin so far plg ramai la sekarang. Yesterday, Lu Ee, Ozal, Syafinaz, Toshi, masayuki and I. Tp yg slalu dtg Toshi, Masayuki, aku, Lu Ee, chinese yg duduk sebelah Lu Ee tu and Syafinaz.