Thursday, November 01, 2007

well, here I am again. not knowing what to write. I went to Dominic's Shop just now to pick my bow and my violin(not Tigger, it's a spare violin). came back, and took a nice...quite long nap. lol.

what else....oooh...I drove Honda for long distance yesterday. lol, first time I drove a big car from Rawang all the way to my house, at Serendah. I drove huge car before, my sis' Honda civic and my bro's Honda city...even my dad's Mercedez(which is manual and the Hondas are auto). But not for long distance, only to take it in o
r out of the garage. lol. I've been driving auto cars since I passed my driving test....I doubt if I can drive manual car right Well, I probably can drive it around, on a clear road. haha...

What else? My last paper will be on Nov 6. Can't wait!! coz after that....end of semester!!!! yay!!!!

Well.....aside from that, just thinking to myself, how much longer I will stay single. haha...kinda pathetic really. I mean, I never have a bf in my life. So, maybe that's why. But I don't want to rush things...I mean, I'm NOT THAT desperate for a bf. It just a thought you know...when will I meet the right one.

Is it nice to be in love? Well...maybe, it'll make you happy. But not all relationship is a happy one. But there's nothing wrong with giving yourself...mostly your heart a chance to someone else. =)


mae azman said...

babe, now i know how great it is for being single!

1st time okayh. teeheeee

both status have specialities, but i just might stick to being single for quite some time. =)

p/s : got anyone ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wani said...

Dah 18 tahun...(will be 19years next April) aku single...I know...mmg best, x byk pikir, senang nk concentrate on certain things.

Anonymous said...

hey....u know checking ur past blog skrg ni at 2.49 a.m in the morning...saje je :) n i found this...well...:) i hope that i did not disappointed u my dear....n to me setakat ni u never kecewa kan i...if anything,we share together ye...n we find a solution sama2....i love my dear izwani =') mwahxx