Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what happen today...

okay...first, my electone exam.
it sucks....there goes my certificate. I don't think I can pass ='(
Sorry, Mr. Kenny.
Later, my dad lost the car key. -_-''
Turn out that it was under the cushion of the sofa. how the heck did it get there?

Later, me with my parents went to Mid Valley.
Eat at Ayamas...my dad's idea. Not good...
After that I bought Galaxie.

here's the cover..

This one the back cover. HSM 2.

Later I went to this store...

And I bought this...
POTC : At World's End soundtrack.
I am very looking foward to buy the DVD.

This is inside...I'll show you inside the book later. =)

Back cover...my camera...not so good...

This is the CD in close up

Cover of the little book

1st two pages...the next two pages is continue from the speech...

The next...and next pages. This is arrange in order. =)

Showing some people involved...the next two pages is the same thing

Blur right? *sigh*...not a good handphone camera...

Later, I went to Toy 'r' Us to buy birthday present for Lisa and belated birthday present for Mimi...it cost me rm133. My mom paid half of it...=p. She paid rm60 and I paid the rest.

And that's me at home eating Dunkin Donut...

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