Friday, November 30, 2007

what happen today...

well...I went out early today. At 1000, and went out with my mom to pick up my aunt, Dila. Then, went to Affinbank in KL to settle some things about car coz my sis buying a new car (Pesona, Proton). After that, had lunch at warong bawah pokok near Istana Budaya. After that I went to Maya's house for my violin lesson. It went pretty well. Later, I went home...go online...and after that take care of the cats. Soon after that I took a shower, and went out with my parents for dinner coz my mom lazy to cook. Now, I'm back and writing this blog. Tomorrow, I'll go to Zaleelah's house at Shah Alam and go to UiTM for practice for some show this Sunday. So, I have to go out even earlier tomorrow coz I need to meet her at her house at 1000. Well, that's pretty much it. Simple day, huh? lol

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