Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Wow, I'm tired. 2 days of shopping. Yesterday, me and my sis went to 1U and today I went to Sunway Pyramid with my sis again. Of course, together with Lisa and Mimi which make me even more tired because those two girls are extremely naughty!!
Yesterday, I went to 1U and I bought a black pants, which is 'Scarlet' and a 'Seed' shirt. Not that expensive. rm50 each.
Today, I went to Sunway Pyramid...I bought 'Esprit' bag. Haha...big bag...easier for me to go to class. But I will still use my Elle bag, that bag is still in good shape.
What else...not much....oh yeah, I'm planning to cut my hair tomorrow. I want to cut it SHORT!! muahaha....well, of course if everything goes according to plan. =)

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