Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well, back from Ipoh. Tomorrow will be going to Terengganu. I'm not really well now, all this traveling gave me a headache...and a flu.
In Ipoh, I'm still in the same room with Aksana. Got new song called My NSO, for the orchestra. Kinda funny because the intro sounded like Beethoven's But I like that song. Very interesting.
Actually, there could be so much to tell...but I'm really lazy to type it all.
Can't wait for the Terangganu tour to end, coz I want to cut my hair after that. =)
I hope I can get it cut this time.
Well, that's all really. =)
Here's a picture of...mua, during the practice, in 'Konsert Jelajah OSK' T-Shirt.
Orange+black....I like....

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