Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Been busy+lazy (as usual)

Hmm...it's been kinda busy lately. Last Thursday, 27th December 2007 I watched National Treasure 2 with Aiman and Jannah at KLCC. They were late...but the movie is really good. I like it. Then on 28th December 2007, it's the registration day to UiTM, for the hostel...and must go to faculty to do something. I got a room...away from my batch. I'm trying to change the room. So, hope I can change room to the same block with my batch. On 29th December 2007, I went to Seremban for Konsert Jelajah OSK. I had a long chat with Adilah in the bus. Then the show was okay...Ito was the guest singer on that day. Then on 30th December 2007, I didn't go anywhere. I stayed home all day long. But I was lazy to update my blog. hihi... The next day on 31st December 2007, I went to faculty. But no class...huhu...then me, Aiman and Jannah went to our college's office to see if I can get to change room. But she said I must wait. *haihz...such simple thing also taking time, meh? There's an empty bed in one room...that's why I ask for a change!* Then Aiman and Jannah followed me home for a sleepover. Zatty followed us on the way then we dropped her at KTM station, she was going back to Seremban. I don't really celebrate new year. Just watched House. hihi. Today, 1st January 2008, Me and my mom together with Aiman and Jannah went to I.B coz I want to practice with Aiman for Beethoven - Violin Romance. She will be my accompanist. Fairuz is not available on the day of the welcoming show. I hope I can get it right with Aiman before the show. It's still not perfect.

well....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

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