Friday, January 04, 2008


It's been quite a busy week. I managed to change room. *yay* Now my roommates are Jannah, Athirah and Atikah. Classes haven't started yet, probably next week. I still have problem regestering my course for ko-ko. *gonna ask Mr. Adee later* And I seem to have some confusion with the welcoming show that suppose to be on January 8th. *again, gonna ambush Mr. Adee about this. lol* Aiman and I are going to Istana Budaya today to practice the Beethoven - Violin Romance. My teacher Mayya will be checking us out. I memorized the whole song, but I need my teacher to teach me (and Aiman) the style of that song. Just to make it sound a whole lot better.

I hope I'm going to have a better semester than last time...and a better year too. Well, nothing much to do now really...waiting for Aiman to finish her class so together....we can ambush Mr. Adee!!! ~*~Muahahaha....~*~

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