Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I took picture of myself just now...and I notice I have eye bags. *ugghh*...hating it. I don't have enough sleep for this whole week. On Monday, I stayed back at the faculty to practice with Aiman for my forum/welcoming show the next day. I slept...probably nearly 2am...and Monday was the reason I got so exhausted. I went to H.E.P...(Hal Ehwal Pelajar), some office to register for my co-curriculum. And I need to climb lots and lots of stairs....feels like in Batu Caves. On Tuesday, I had my forum...I went inside to perform in exhaustion...coz I was running to the hall. They misinformed me about my, I was very frustrated with my performance. After my forum, I went to D.S.B...(Dewan Sri Budiman), to watch movie, 1957 Hati Malaya. It was good. My cousin is in it...hihi....and there were special appearance from some of the cast to the hall. Rusli Ramli (or Ramli Rusli...I don't which one is, Kavithakor (I don't know how to spell her name), the guy who played Dato' Onn (I don't know his name) and Shuhaimi Baba (the director of the movie). I probably sleep nearly 2am too that night. And then today....there was Anugerah Dekan function in the morning....I nearly fail on waking up that morning. lolz...I was so tired. But I forced myself to wake up and I went to INTEC campus. Take the Dean Award certificate. Got some chat with one juniors...don't remember her name...Farhain or something like that...all I know is that she's a violinist too, and is learning with Mr. Azlan too. The only junior I truly remember is Bai...or her full name is Baizura I guess...percussionist. She's 24 year-old...and yet very humble...and nice too. =) Anyway....back to the real story...I'm back home coz tomorrow is holiday (Awal Muharam) and I'll be back to faculty on Friday. I hope I can wake up a bit late tomorrow....

good night...~~

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