Friday, January 18, 2008

not quite a busy week...just, packed...

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Nothing much to say really. There are a few quite interesting things happened this week. Let me try to do a little recap...just a few things that I remember.

I had a morning class, at 0830...which was English. Later, En.Khairy asked me, Aiman and Fatin out for lunch at Secret Recipe for being his top Theory of Music students last semester. =p
We had lots of jokes and talked about stuffs. Later, I decided to do my forum the next day...unprepared too. I got En.Adee's signature on behalf of En.Azlan, after I get the green light from En.Azlan of course.

Today, I had my English class at 0830 also. Later, I watched Ranko perform. (She's a Japanese soprano singer...strong vocalist.) Then, I had some emergency with my pants...I can't believe I had a problem before my forum. So, I went to Plaza Masalam and bought a new black pants. I went there with Jannah, Aiman and Zatty. Later, Aliff was the MC for that forum and I performed Partita II - Gigue, by Bach. It wasn't perfect...especially towards the 2nd page. Then, me, Aiman, Illi, Jannah, Idayu, Azie and Fiqa(the only part 1 in the group) went to have our dinner/supper at McD. We had lots of chat. The McD black out twice!! And we talked about ghost stories, induction, jokes...oh, there was a terrible accident nearby, one person died. May she rest in peace.

Had my aural skills class at 0930. Learned about know...the church modes...Dorian, Mixoyidian, Lydian and Phrygian. Not sure of the spelling though...later had my English class again at 1130. And had my theory class later. Then, Munir told me that I'll be playing in a quartet on Friday at KL for some function. Munir, Abg Jono, Jig and I will be in the quartet. (Wow, the only girl...interesting, eh? lol) memory is blanked about that night. lol. Well, move on...

I woke up at 0815! Woo hoo...manage to wake up late. My class supposed to start at 1230 with En.Azlan...but I came at 1130 to help Aiman with her Piano Accompaniment class. Then, my class with En.Azlan went well. I met Wan, and he asked me to be MC for next forum. I told him I will only be MC if I will have a partner for that forum. Hihi... Later, Me, Fiqa, Illi and Jannah went to SACC to eat at Nando's. Great meal...huhu...then, Munir sent SMS to go for quartet practice at faculty. So, Jannah sent me back to faculty while Jannah, Illi and Fiqa went to Plaza Masalam to get some Starbucks. The practice started at 1800++...then break...I went to visit Aiman at studio practice...later Fiqa joined us...Jannah went back coz she had a headache. I practice until 2200. Then, Abg Iqbal 'panjang' gave us(Aiman, Fiqa and I) a ride back to college. Fiqa went room, me and Aiman bought some snacks and later after we took shower, we ate in my room...together with Jannah, Illi, Tiqa and Thirah. Later we slept...and I have to wake up early the next day coz my mom will fetch me early in the morning to send me to KL for the quartet show.

I went to Le Meridian Hotel at KL...near KL Sentral. My mom went back by train and left the car key to me so I can drive home later. Had breakfast with En.Adee, Abg Jono and Munir. The food was great. Then had the show...bla, bla,, talk, some souvenir. Then, had our lunch. Me, Munir, Abg Jono, Jig and En.Adee had some good chat. 1400 something we all went back. And now here I am...writing this blog. =)

Oh yeah....just now...I just found out that I will be the MC for the next forum...together with Thairy. =)

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