Thursday, March 20, 2008


I can't sleep even though it's late and I'm getting tired. Coz I'm waiting for this one video to finish downloading.

Yesterday was the Brass Band's Dinner. Shawal, Wan, Nuar and I went together. I drove my car, and Shawal drove his. Wan went with Shawal while Nuar went with me. It was not a long journey but quite complicated coz of the traffic and us kept getting lost on the way.
It was quite fun coz we get to take lots of pictures. But the food was not the satisfying. We went to mamak stall later to eat some more, lol. And you have no idea how far we got lost to get back to Shah Alam just to went to Mamak stall at section 18. Here's a picture of us at the mamak stall.
I'm eating the fried strawberry ice-cream...

Later I went back home, and sleep...

Today, I had my violin lesson with Mayya. It was...okay...and she gave me a copy of Saint-Saens concerto no.3, 1st movement. But I still have to look for the original book. We had quite a chat today. Kinda nice.

Then, here I am...waiting for that bloody video to finish download. I'm going to use that video for my presentation. I gotta wait for another 10 minutes. haihz...well...I think that's it. Bye!!

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