Saturday, March 15, 2008

I cannot believe I'm getting lazier....

Ok...last night was the YSO performance. It was well...not perfect...but it was okay. I enjoy it. Aiman was there...Annette too and also some other UiTM students.

And now, Saturday...supposed to have that stupid co-curriculum going on right now...but me and Wan are just soooooooo damn lazy to go. We already went there...we reached there....but then we stood there and thought for awhile.....then we turned back and decided to skip coco. stupid is that? You're not half way're like....less than quarter way to reach there and you decided to turn back., both of us went to section 2 for a drink...and now here we

Both of us are going to watch the MPYO performance later. So....we'll be spending the whole day

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