Thursday, April 24, 2008


nothing much to do today, just keep on practicing, studying and thinking about some stuffs. I feel lighter today. not as confused as yesterday. all the questions that were bothering me yesterday seems to disappear. as if, all of it were answered. I don't feel scared anymore, at least not as much as yesterday. as a matter of fact, I've beginning to get the courage to face whatever might happen. I've beginning to realize that sometimes, you must have the courage to take the risk in other to be happy. Otherwise, it might be too late and you will ask yourself... "What if..." and you will think... "If only..." and that is the time when you wish you were not scared to take a risk. Life is full of surprises and ups and downs. It's the circle of life. and no matter what happen to you, it's part of life, part of the colors of life. we must have the courage to embrace it. sometimes, you feel like your life is full with down moments. but there's some good in it. it might not happen to you in a short period of time, but it'll show sooner or later in the future. everything that happen to you shape the person you've become today. always remember, that life may be unfair, but God is not. everything that happen, there's a hidden reason in it and it is up to you either you want to see it or not. don't be afraid of all the possibilities that might happen. it's good to be worried, shows that you care...but you must know that courage is the key to overcome your fear. everybody will see this sooner or later in their life, i believe that. and I'm glad i finally see it.

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