Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've Been Busy

Last Tuesday, on April 15th...was the day I turned 19. It was also the day I experienced my first date. =p *yup, this girl never dated before...*
Anyway, we promised to meet at KLCC around 1900, because I had an orchestra practice for Idris Sardi's performance before that until 1730. But I finished quite early that day, so I went to KLCC first and waited for him there. And he came by train, so he reached there approximately around 1830. We ate at Pizza Hut, here is a picture of us together...

Later, he gave me a present. Yay, birthday present. He doesn't want me to open it until I reached home.

After we ate, both of us went to Kinokuniya to look at some music books. There were lots of Disney books, and I know more Disney songs than he does, lol. He got jealous because of that, but we had fun talking and singing the songs that's written on the book.
Well, later at 2100, I went home. We said goodbye after that. And when I'm home...I opened the present, and inside was a very cute teddy bear. And Faliq wanted me to name it Felix. So, I is a picture of Felix...
Cute Right??

I have another doll, named Hopsy...she's a teddy bunny actually. And now Hopsy has a new friend, Felix...and I think they look cute's a picture of them...

Well...that's it...nothing much to say. So, I gtg now. Bye!!!

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