Saturday, April 05, 2008

No Idea What To Do...

Faliq, Aiman, Me and Wan

Those three are my best friends in Faculty of Music. I don't have much friends in UiTM, just a few. Some I already know them for a long time, but these three friends of mine are the best. They their own interesting character. Faliq is a flutist...but he can play lots of thing, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone...Aiman is a bright student and a great pianist. While Wan is a good student who take his studies seriously and he's also an Oboist.

I Love' Em!!! They always there for me, when I'm sad and happy. I care for them, I cherish our good friendship. I appreciate them as a friend.

Eventhough people are always mistaken with my friendship with Wan and Faliq...I don't care. I like to be their friend. We know the status of our friendship. We are good friends. And I hope we will be friends forever. =)

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