Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm bored

God, I'm bloody bored today. I sit around the house the hold day...I practiced violin. And I have an audition coming up this Tuesday. It was quite a last minute audition, actually. I'm not well prepared. And, there's one more song that I don't have, and I suppose to play it for the audition. I guess I'll have to sight-read it on the audition day. =S
As for the piece of my own, I'm preparing Bach's Partita No.2-Sarabande. Quite a slow song, but is rich with chords. lolx. I hope I won't screw it up. I just audition it, but not quite sure either I'll join the orchestra or not. Depends on the time of the practice.
I uploaded another picture at Myspace today, got people asking about it. haha...normal question, "am I in a relationship?" It's weird when I answered "yes". haha, coz all my life, the answer was always "no"...but, it's good to have some changes in your life right?
And now, I really want to watch Narnia!! It looks very interesting, but my sis said the ending was kinda disappointing. I hate it when good movies has a disappointing ending. Nothing much that made it disappointing, just that all the kids went back to England in the end. I can't tell if that'll be disappointing, I need to watch it first. It really depends on the situation of the scene. =P I guess I'm very particular when it comes to criticizing movie and music. I'm a fan of good music and movie.
*sigh*, no idea what to do...I guess, I just end this blog then. Bye!!

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