Saturday, May 31, 2008


well, I went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday. Watched Narnia-Prince of Caspian. Not a bad movie...but I'm not sure which to decide between the 1st and 2nd installment. I'm not sure which one is better. Some people said the 1st was better than the 2nd. Well...I think it's pretty equal, but I'm more to the 2nd installment of Narnia.
The reason is; the story line is good. There were obvious ups and downs. And there were great loss of the Narnians. There were lots of suspense and humor. Which makes it better. The casting of the movie is good, all the men look alike in that movie. I've heard feedback saying the ending is stupid, and they better stay at Narnia rather than going back to England. Well, I don't really think that way. It's a noble thing to do. They love to be in Narnia but in other to gain trust of the people who's going to choose to live in earth...which is their(Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy) world. They will have to go back. And beside, Peter and Susan are growing up, and they have more purpose to go back in England. But the other two, Edmund and Lucy can still go back to Narnia, when they get the chance of course. I don't think the ending was stupid. It's good enough for me. My point of view towards fantasy story is a little different. I don't look at it as one scene...I look at it as past, present and future.
Well...fantasy stories suppose to make you That's what happen when you read lots of fantasy novels. =p

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