Sunday, June 29, 2008

busy days

A few days ago, have been a busy day for me. And it's not over will go on and on until my new semester opens. -_-"
Since 16th of June, I've been traveling by train to go to DBKL for orchestra practice. Then on the 23rd (I think...) of June, I went to Istana Budaya for Alleycats show. Clashing with the DBKL. Well, it's just so hard to let go the opportunity to perform with the legendary Alleycats. It's once in a lifetime experience for me. You never know when you're going to get the chance to be part of their show. The show is 3 days actually, from 27th - 29th of June. And yesterday, was one exhausting night, probably because I went to YSO practice earlier (uuh, Duncan was there, but didn't get the chance to talk to him...dunno why, he seems busy with other people...).
Today will be the last show for Alleycats. =D
But on the 1st of July...there's orchestra practice for classical performance on 6th of July. Damn the song is pretty tough, and I just got the scores too. We'll be playing Tchaikovsky's songs. Violin Concerto n Symphony #4.
Then, 4th of July will be my day to register to my college and on the semester begins and it is also Aiman's birthday...(don't worry, I've got a present for you). And....also the day I need to practice for my exam with my accompanist. =S

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