Sunday, June 22, 2008

hullo everybody!!

it's kinda a quick day...i think. well, i spent sometime doing my program notes for my dipABRSM exam, which is due this early of August. Manage to do Beethoven's Romance and a little bit of Saint-Saens concerto. Then, I spent the rest of the day reading the 6th book of Charlie Bone, and i actually finished it too.
need to wake up early tomorrow, to go to DBKL for the orchestra practice. *sigh*...need to travel by train again. i kinda hate the environment there, in DBKL...very unhealthy. those people smoke in air-conditioned place with no window in sight. it caused the room to look all smokey and foggy...and i can't get enough oxygen in there. and what's worse...those people playing darts in there...aren't they suppose to go to, i don't work? and not playing darts??
well...whatever, who am i to judge...right?
well...don't really know what to say now...blankedy blank la my head right now. lol
i wanna watch Get Smart...looks kinda interesting. but not sure if i will be able to watch it...haihz...

thanks for being there beside me when i'm really you... so much...=)

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Anonymous said...

Love you so much too...=) -FarleagueAurey-