Tuesday, June 03, 2008

( 'o' )

No idea what to write right now. Just extremely bored. Alone at home right now, with my grandma. Have to wait till my mom gets home if I wanna practice my violin. I usually practice violin in my room and once I practice I will stay inside my room for quite sometime. So, not so good if I need to look after someone at the same time.
I'm nervous for my exam. I memorized Beethoven's Romance. And about 85% on memorizing Bach's Partita 2-Sarabande&Gigue. And I think...I memorized the 1st movement of Tartini's Sonata in G minor, and about 80% of 2nd movement already memorized. And....less than 50% memorized for the Saint-Saens concerto. =S That piece is long and difficult. Huhuhu....but there's improvement. At least I can play all the running notes with the bowings and fingering right...even though it still slow....but getting there. =S
Next is the programme notes. God....I only got Beethoven's Romance done. I have no idea what to write for the other pieces. huhuhuhuhu ='(

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