Saturday, August 30, 2008

been very busy since last week.

had my mid-term for violin this week at uitm

kinda lousy since I barely had time to practice coz I got to go to YSO practice

I was late for the practice for a few times coz of class and jam. =S


Another show tonight, and next week is fasting month. =D

I know I always easily get hungry during fasting month, but somehow I like it. Wanna know why? coz that means Raya is coming!!! =D

But for now, I gotta save money. Coz I wanna collect money...and lots of it too. So it will be easier for me to buy violin acessories and books

And...I wished to buy my own car...I have my dream car, it's mini but it's super, it's tiny but need lots of's the cooper. I dunno why, I always wanted a mini cooper for my own...but it's very expensive. I really need to collect money as much as possible. It's a long-term sort of things...not sure if I can achieve it but I'll try. =)

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