Sunday, August 03, 2008 out...=[

It's been a busy week. And, I was not well too...well, just for a few days, I got better. =)
Went to watch some lecture from Michel Hogenes and there's a film screening at faculty of TEKA, an independent movie called Once. Nice movie, nice soundtracks too. =)
Then on Wednesday I had lesson with Maya and A.Fairuz came to accompany me as well. Maya still not very satisfied with my Saint-Saens's Concerto. =S
So, I came on Thursday and Friday to Istana Budaya to really concentrate on my exam. I skipped all my classes. And will continue to do so until Monday, which is also a day before my exam. Waaa.... ='S
And I will also do my forum on Teusday afternoon. *sigh*...exam and forum on the same day? that's "exciting". lolz.
Oooh, but on Friday, I went to Mr.Dominic's shop at Sri Hartamas to get a new case for my violin. It costs more than my payment from KL Fest!!! It's a Bam case. Which is a very high quality violin case. =) It costs rm1800+ but after negotiating I manage to get less, and I bought a new set of strings as well...and it all cost me rm1662. But I payed rm1000 on Friday and I came back on Saturday to pay the rest of the money. Well, cannot draw so many from ATM maa~~, there's a limit.
Honestly, I spent quite a lot of money this week. On Wednesday, I went to YAMAHA to buy a new metronome, which cost me rm100...well of course, after negotiating la. The original price is rm125. I like that metronome, not exactly like those cool digital metronome with fancy buttons and slim figure but you can't hear a thing when you're playing with it. It looks like a cello stopper, haha...that's what it reminds me of...lolz. And the pulse is good, I can hear the beating even when I play at a loud volume. Which is what I need.
And later, I'm going back to Istana Budaya to practice with A.Fairuz. I'm still worried with my concerto, and also....Program Notes. It's kinda scares me, especially the Viva Voce part. huhuhu. My exam is in the morning...0930. I bet I'm one of the first to go, which is good least the examiner will be in a good mood and still fresh. That's the problem when you're taking practical music exam. It's very subjective. Unlike science or accounting, it based on facts. When you got the amount, that's it, end of story. But with music, it's hard...when you perform, some may like you style and others might prefer the opposite style. With music, you can't pleased everybody, just a bunch of people. Same goes to perform, and you might like what you did, and the examiners might not. You see, it's complicated. *sigh*....I hope I will pass this exam. It's really important. =S

Wish me luck!!

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