Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Day

Today, my hunny, Faliq sat for his driving test. =P He passed *yay!* Soon you'll get your driving licence and you can drive anywhere you want to. =)
Anyway, after that, both of us met at KLCC, we went to watch Wall E. You know...that movie with that sad+cute looking robot. Here is the poster just to ring a bell.
Very cute right?? hihihi. I love this movie. If I am to rate this movie, I will give it 9 out of 10. =) It really is that good...for me of course. It's cute, funny+hilarious, sweet, romantic, simple and on top of it all, the main message of this movie is pretty obvious...which was...the earth will die if we don't take care of it...yeah...that's the moral of the movie. Can't you see how creative it is? Beneath all the fun and laughter...there's a deep message given to the audience. I like that. I know, it's not easy to take care of the earth, it needs corporation from everybody on this dying earth. That's the only way it's going to work if we don't want to see piles of trash taller than all the skyscrapper you saw in New York. You can't see the effect right after you did it. It needs patience and a longer period of time. I know it's hard to wait...I mean, who loves to wait? Everybody prefer for something to show up in front of them that instant without waiting. But worth the wait.
For went into the look up at the sky to see stars glimmering in the sky at night...but you can't expect to see it before sun set right? So, you have to wait for it...and when you finally see the will realize that it worth the wait. Other example....fasting season for the can't break fast at anytime you want eventhough you might wish for it. But after lots of patience, you will realize that it worth the wait when you eat all the delicious food with your family and friends. I believe that's part of the reason of fasting season. =)
It worth the wait might not see it instantly...but it'll show up sooner or later. If you really believe in it, you work hard for pray for it...believe worth the wait. Even when things don't go the way you wished...there's always something better comes up after it. Life is not fair...I admit that...but God is fair to everybody. So, I don't think He will let anybody get the bad stuff all the time...well of course, unless you've done something really bad and you desereve what you get...
Well, that's it. Bye... =)

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