Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I got extremely sad over something small...

Based on the title, I got sad coz I didn't answer his phone call...after I made him promised to call me when he reached home. I know it's small, but it's important coz I'm stressing out for my presentation tomorrow. I got nothing...totally nothing for my presentation. I was so busy...too busy to get started on the presentation. Now, I haven't done any slides for presentation...and I missed his calls...='(
I am extremely sad...I'm frustrated with myself...coz not able to hear the phone vibrating, coz leave the phone in silent mode, and put it in my bag. I fell asleep, but I could've got up if the phone was not inside that bag. Damn it!!! I wanna talk to him....I'm typing this with tears in my eyes, which mean I am definitely stressing out. ='( ='(
I hate myself...I hate myself...I hate myself...I hate myself...

Damn it!!! I'm stressing out...I should countrol it before I turned into another part of me like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde...but I'm just too mad and frustrated with myself to even bother about that.

Sorry honey...sorry I made you called so many times...so sorry...so sorry...very very sorry... ='(


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