Sunday, August 17, 2008


This week, had been a very busy week. I involve with this show at UiTM called Kenangan Ritma. It's for Homecoming Alumni. Don't know, don't care....
Practice at night everyday this in this week and finished at 11pm but when I go back, I can't sleep, must do all the assignments. The worst one is on Thursday night, got back and do my CTU until 0540 then I sleep since I need lots and lots of energy to drive and face that practice on Friday....I woke up at 0640+. Then took shower and go to faculty to pass up my CTU assignment, the there's a quiz for my Modern Harmony class...I think I got one wrong... =(
Then, that night...practice finisht at midnight!!!!! They are so crazy!! Supposed to finish at 2300! They made us wait before that for four hours!! How very unprofessional. They promised to start the practice at 1500...or something like that in the afternoon. Then, we reached there by bus...since they made us all go there by bus, around 1530...and we waited until 2000 to actually start the practice. Then, practice finished at 0000. Stupid...I was extremely exhausted. I went back, took a shower and once I put my head on the pillow, I fell asleep in less than a minute.
The next day, I woke up at 0700 something, took a shower and went to Cempaka/Kenanga for Modul 3, but I didn't actually attend the modul, I went there to give that lady a letter of release that we are excused from the modul and no need to repeat it the next semester. After that, I went to McD to drivetru my breakfast. Went back to kolej...ate my breakfast then I sleep again...until 1300. =)
Finally, I got enough sleep. Hihihi
There's a run through...bla bla bla....then finished at 1900. Went back to kolej to get my stuff, had dinner with my hunny...and then I go back home. =)

That's it...the performance for that Kenangan Ritma is today actually. hihihi

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