Friday, October 03, 2008

Very Unhappy Moment

It was the 2nd day of Raya. I was happy during the day. Went to my relatives' houses. But when I got home...I found out someone broke into the house. I was worried...because I realized my laptop and my violin is inside my room...I put them next to each other. When my dad opened the front door, I walked in, and saw my bedroom door was wide open. I always keep my door shut before I want to go out. Then I walked in my was a mess...I saw my violin, thank god...but I look next to the violin.........gone.....I don't see my laptop anywhere. I cried. I cried all night. It was was exhausting. Just to think how much energy and time I spent just to collect money to buy that laptop. It took me almost two years to buy that laptop....and when I finally bought it...less than a year....less than half a just gone. Can you imagine how I feel? Will you just put yourself in my shoes for a moment just to know how I hard it is for me to get money...all by buy that laptop...and it just gone so easily. How can people be so cruel. How can they not know how much efforts, time and energy spent on it. I have all my assignments, songs, pictures...all the that laptop of mine. I do thankful that my violin is safe. It'll be so much worse if my violin gone too. But still...I am very frustrated with what just happen. I know there's a reason for everything...and I believe that life is not fair, but God is...but can imagine how I feel...I'm just a student, with not much money, I work hard for that laptop...and some stranger just took it's part of life right? You can't expect to happy and lucky all the time.............I guess...if I want a new laptop...I have to start all over again......

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