Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been busy for the last two weeks for UiTM convocation. It's kinda tiring really. But, still at the same time, I have a few things that I really want to share. I bought the MPO tickets for Lord of the Rings Symphony performance on Dec 19th at 2030. I hope "Sarah-Chang concert" incident when occur yet another time. Where I have something that I can't avoid on that particular day and time. =( However, I am kinda worried coz YSO performance is on 20th & 21st of December...and I'm worried that there will be practice that night. I can't miss this concert...I won't...I won't miss it for the world. Lord of the Rings is my #1 favourite movie of all time. And I love all the songs from that movie. And this performance is the performance that I'm looking forward the most from the entire 08/09 season of MPO performances. And wanna know something else? Me and hunnybunny was the last person to buy the tickets before it actually sold out. Good luck, don't you think? So, what I plan is...not to miss any practice of YSO except on Dec 19th. Who knows, maybe Mayya will have mercy on me since I attend most of the practice.

Besides that...on Nov 17, I went to BritishIndia. There was a sale there. I bought a new knee-length skirt for rm100 with 70%. Which mean the original price was rm300+. I like it. Here's a picture of it. =)

Well, that's it really. Convocation is over. Tomorrow is the Showcase day for final semester diploma students. I'm helping Hezron for his creativity performance. It's in the morning, so, I won't be missing YSO rehearsel. LOL...but I will be missing my lesson with Mayya. =S Sorry...btw, here's a picture of me with hunnybunny, taken at DSB (the place where the convocation was held), and I looked pale. =S

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