Saturday, November 08, 2008

Exam is over!!

wow...finally exam is over....

I have a few subjects that concerns me, I'm kinda worried that my grade for those subject might be BEL (English), History and Kor (Brass Band). I'm not saying that I'm confident with the rest of my subjects...I'm worried about Gamelan as well...I really do hope my pointer won't be dropping this semester. =S

Well, practice for convocation started yesterday night. I'm the concert master. =S
Hate it...coz I wanted to escape this function. I want to do that coz it's not worth it. Can you imagine practice of 2 weeks...with payment that doesn't even reach rm200???!! It's a waste of my time, energy and money. It doesn't even cover my petrol money. I live in Serendah for crying out loud...not Shah Alam!!! And on top of it all.......the show ain't great's the same every semester. Unless we're playing some classical song...then yes....maybe 2 weeks of practice is worth attending.

Crazy la this management...we're not us more to make us feel know, my strings worth more than what I'm getting here.....the payment is extremely unsatisfying!!

* * *

I wish I can get some shows in IB, coz I am in extreme level of money shortage. I need to buy new set of strings for my violin. And if I buy it...I won't have enough money for myself. Can you imagine just how terrible my financial life is. It's not supposed to be that bad...but my dad took rm1500 from my account.....leaving me about rm600 in my strings are like...rm200+, get the picture, I buy most of my stuff using my money.

haihz~~~ my bad luck is still running around me...and quite active too. =S

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Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

Just wait for the world to turn up your luck back. Be patience... ;)