Saturday, November 08, 2008

Harmony =)

Isn't it great to live in harmonious life? Where the green of nature spread across the world, with animals living peacefully in it in the circle of life...undisturbed by human cruelty. At the same time, we all live in our neighborhood peacefully, just dealing with this unfair life, such as competitive partner that trying to sabotage you, being picked out at school, get scolded by your parents for doing things that you love, secretly in love with someone but he/she is just too popular for you, your house was robbed...yeah, that life. With no diplomatic issues, no religious discrimination towards other. And those who has the power to change the world join hands and try to find solution towards poor countries, or even global warming or even think about endangered species and what causing them towards extinction.

And wouldn't it be great if there is more sincere love. As in, you don't love someone just because you have to, or you want a promotion...or...just for the money. There is no happiness in it. I know love is a hard thing to get these days....especially the sincere ones. In order to love, you must trust...and in order to trust, you must know the difference of what is right and wrong in life. If you can really tell the difference between these two, then you know if it is the right thing to do to actually trust someone. Telling the difference between the right and wrong things are not as easy as you thought it is. The extreme an obvious ones such murder, lying, stealing or dishonesty is easy enough to tell. But what about under different circumstances...such as...a kid who is caught stealing in stores because he wants to get a present for his mom but he is from a very poor family who can't afford anything but wants to give his mom a new sweater because she is always cold, on top of that, he tried to work to earn money but however it is not enough or some other big kids stole it..........can you tell the difference either his action of stealing is right or wrong? It's very subjective. Different individual will come up with different reasons, might be similar...but will contain a little differences. I believe, the difference between the right and wrong things depends on how you look at it. Once you are aware of little things in life which contains the right and wrong things, then you might find it easier either to trust someone or not, and from will find it easier to sincerely love someone. But it will requires commitment from both sides, otherwise, you will terribly hurt your partner or the end might get hurt. The right thing is never easy you know...but it is never wrong to try, right?

And what about respect? I notice that most people these days don't really understand why this word exist. RESPECT is a word with a very deep meaning. IF everybody respect, there will be no war, IF everybody respect, no racism will occur, IF everybody respect, there will be no religious issue, IF everybody respect, there will be no animal cruelty, IF everybody respect, there we won't get robed, IF everybody respect, cases of teenage girls being raped will be alien to us, IF everybody respect, there won't be dishonesty, IF everybody respect, no criminal activities will run around. So basically, IF everybody respects, this world will be so much better than you can ever imagine. Respect is the word that connects us, the one that bonds us, the one word that manage to make us live in harmony...don't you ever think that even for one second, that if you respect someone for something that they'll do because of their beliefs, will make you feel better? Rather than get pissed off about it because it is against what you believe in and start saying dirty words about their beliefs which caused them to get angry and they will start saying about your beliefs that is against theirs and you will get angrier because of it....and later...boom!! a fight was started. Newsflash, we live in a world full of different beliefs and ways of life, respect that, and you won't feel angry all the time. Seriously, it feels good, and healthy too. =)

So you see.....there are so many things that you could do to make this world a better place. It might be small, but if everybody in this world...or at least most of people in this world actually cares about this, I believe that we can see how this world will turn into a better place. Nowadays, people only think about taking the easy way, but sometimes, the easy way is not always the best result, sometimes it is the worst result. I know people won't be interested in doing the right thing because it's hard and boring. But if you can only imagine how great you will feel. All the smiles you bring to people around the world.....wouldn't that be great? I do admit the right thing is always the hardest thing to get.....but someone has to start, right? For instance....if you look at a calm water, then you gently place one finger on the surface of that water, you will notice the small wave you created. And how the wave started from a tiny circle around your finger.....and expand into a big circle.........same thing goes in life. It's not easy, but if someone start.......then it will get bigger. And I start mine by trying to let those who read my blog realize about it....what about you? How will you start?


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

aku harap, semua tu just a feelings sajalah. tibe2 je tersentuh semalam. mcm the song that the person sing mcm saje die addres-kn kt aku. aku ni kan selalu mencari maksud yg tersembunyi. virgo is very analytical person. so...tu yg tersentuh kejap tu. but i guess it's nothing la. hope Naz didnt find out about this...wani me....huwa.......

Wani said...

so? Luqman dedicated a song to me mase need to analyze that one, he mentioned my name. and aku mmg tersentuh...I admit, and I even wonder about it...if he is the one, but, I asked heart...and I know that he's not the right one for me. So, just put it in the past. and move on. If Naz really loves you, it's normal for him to get jealous...but at the same time, he won't leave...coz of trust.