Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday, which was Nov 13, 2008 at 1430, was my MPYO audition. I played Bach-Sarabande (Partita 2) and 1st movement of Hindemith's Sonata. It went least that's what I think. However, towards the end of the sonata, Kevin (the one who auditioned me) asked me to play that part again, coz there were some repeated notes...very fast, I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't cheating. =P I hope not... =S

Then, the orchestral excerpts, played the Brahms' Symphony first, he wanted me to play more richly, I did...but then I screw up with my intonation. =.=" Next, is Mozart's symphony no.40...I played it okay...but he wanted me to play it as soft as a whisper...and he said my response to this song is good. =D Finally is the Bernstein's West Side Story, I accidently told him I never heard the song before. =S Well, everything was last minute, so...I don't have enough time to go to YouTube and watch the video. He asked a few quetions too, like why I want to join MPYO and all that. I answered that I want more experience in orchestra and trying to find a way to improve myself. (Thank God that was the main purpose I actually audition for MPYO)

My hunnybunny was with me all day. =) After that we went to faculty, need to practice for Hezron's showcase. That practice is actually tougher than my audition. lol...Hezron was playing in 6/8 and the rest of the orchestra(chamber orchestra), was playing in 3/4. lol...Wan was the one having trouble to conduct. In the end, we count it as 6/8 even though the time signature was 3/4. LOL.

Other than that, yesterday, me and hunnybunny was in BritishIndia shirts. LOL, well, in my case, shirt and skirt. =) Here is a picture of us. =) What do you think?

He was wearing a BritishIndia shirt, while I'm wearing BritishIndia top and skirt. =)

I also borrowed "The Movie" from him, it's a PC game...kinda like Sim/Tycoon sort of game. Where you need to built a movie empire. It's nice. I actually enjoy playing it. =)

Well, that's it for now. Bye~~

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Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

wah.......wanie, sejak bila kau minat bohemien style? btw, look nice, i just love too look at ur skirt n also faliq shirt.....sgt smart!!!!!!